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Low Heat/Thermostat problem


I live in Waterloo-Kitchener area and I just moved into a unit of a building (16 units) a couple of months ago. This building is maintained by a corp. I have been working at home and the weather is getting colder each day. I sent the corp a maintenance request about the thermostat 2 months ago and they did not respond until this very day. I sent a follow-up mail again, and I am not sure if I am hearing anything back again.

It is a new building so there was still people working onsite. So I asked one of them if they could ask a tech to come over and check. The tech came twice to check. First time he said: "the hot water for the heating hadn't been turned on. I will call the plumber to look at it". I hadn't heard anything back after first attempt. Then I had to call again because the weather is getting colder, he came and checked for the second time- then he said "it works alright". But I know that it is not, the air coming out of the pipes is not hot, it is barely warm. The thermostat shows around 70F upto 74F if I turn it on for HOURS even though my desired temperature is set above 86F.

I know it is not snowing nowadays but I am very concerned about incoming months. After I searched a bit, I saw heat is to be above 20C/68F minimum. So what should I do if I see the thermostat is below 20C/68F? What are my rights? I'd really appreciate it if you could help me.