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Sponsoring Spouse and land in different Province


We applied for my husbands sponsorship from US and all the addresses provided in the application are for Ontario as majority of our relatives live here. We just received his passport request and so will be asked to land soon. However, looking our financial situation and job opportunities we would like to land in Alberta now instead of Ontario. Questions that we are wondering are:

1. Since we mentioned in our application initial interest in landing in Ontario, do we HAVE to land in Ontario?
2. If we choose to land in Alberta, do we have to inform the immigration services in advance or we can still land in any province since we both will be landing together or I will already be in Albert when he lands in Canada.
3. If we do have to inform the immigration services can send a letter along with our passport when we send it for the PR stamp.

Any help and guidance in this situation will be helpful.

Thank You