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Problems with my Ontario Works Caseworker

Hi there , i need help , my worker since day one will not help me , me and my ex of 7 years broke up because he grabbed me by my throat as a result i had him charged , now im left in a unit i cant afford ,, my rent is 1400 and i only get 900 from ontario works , and now she sends all my cheque to the landlord and she deposits 2.50 cents each month in my account , i have an 11 year old and because i refuse to give his odsp of 500 each month she will not help me because she wants me to send the money i get to cover his special needs cost and if i do that then my son dont go to school and who is she to make that decision so now im getting evicted and she refuses to allow me to have a cheque in my name and last year her excuse was i dont pay rent so now shes been sending my entire cheque since november of last year and tet im still about to be homeless and she now has a diffrent reason why i cant have it in my name ,, so now since she pays the rent and im still evicted she has now come up with a new excuse and i disnt understand her or hear what she had said and i kindly asked her why and she rudely replued with” k i aint doing this angele , good by” and she hangs up , so the only way she will speak to me is if i dont cry or if i show sign of fustrations ,, basically if i dont agree with her my file gets put on hold , i asked for bus pass or tickets and she told me i dont qualify , and now im getting evicted afain she has made it clear its not her priblem and she doing her job , so now i feel like my only hope that i dont loose my child from being himeless i have to leave all my belongings and somehow find a way to move to a diffrent city just to reaply for assistance so i can have a roof over my kids head , how can she do this , im gonna be homeless if i dont go to a diffrent town because my worker will not flex or change her bullyness over me , i even asked several time for a new worker to which has no happened , my worker has taken my rights to freedom , i really need help here before something bad happens i should not have to leave the town i lived in my entire life where all my fam is , someone please help me with any type of advise im desperate ,