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Why did WES not evaluate my PG transcript?

Dear Team,

I am writing this here, because I am unable to receive proper response from WES in my case.

According to the website of WES, since I am a PG in Advertising and Mass Media, I was required to submit transcript of both graduation and post graduation.

Here is the link -

However, in the final report WES has only vetted my graduation transcript, and neither rejected my PG transcript nor communicated any information stating reason of its elimination. All the times that I have requested someone to tell me the reason, I only get a standard response.

"WES has completed your evaluation report, as we determined that the documentation was sufficient and met the criteria to validate your application for Express Entry. Furthermore, please be advised that IRCC asks applicants to submit only the highest completed credential for an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

Please note: you will need to upgrade your ECA report if you wish to include an assessment of all credentials included in your application. Please review the WES Fee Schedule for more information about upgrading your order. To place an upgrade order, please log in to My Account."

I understand that due to covid there could be a lot of messages, but for the past few months, only sending a standard response, I think is inappropriate.

I need to know the reason why my PG transcript was not vetted;
- Was it because it is not of Canadian Standard. (In that case, why is it not mentioned in report)
- The marksheets were updated on profile, and transcript hardcopy was sent to physical address. Yet no information on that.

Please connect me with concerned person to take this matter further.