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Open WP Extension & Visitor Record Application

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and happy to be part of this community regarding settling in Ontario for immigrants.

My situation is as follows:
  • Awaiting PR invitation (I'm in the pool)
  • Work permit expires on October 8 2022
  • Passport expires in Feb 2024

I'm planning to apply for an extension in my work permit according to the new public policy ( so that if I do receive my new work permit it only expires in Feb 2024 (date of my passport expiring). I can only do this since I'm stuck in a weird situation where it is too far out to renew my passport and due to this I'm not eligible for the automatic mailed open work permit.

My question is, should I apply for a visitor record at the same time as I apply for my work permit extension under the new public policy?
An immigration consultant told me this is the best thing to do since it acts as a "safety net" because her rationale was that if my application gets rejected, I might still have the chance to obtain a visitor record, therefore I'll be able to stay in Canada AND if my work permit application gets approved, the immigration officer will just cancel my visitor record application.

My concern is that, what will happen to my implied status as a worker when I apply for a visitor record? And if for some reason my work permit application gets rejected and I become a visitor status, I won't be able to restore my status as a worker since I'll be a visitor now?

I searched this forum for a similar thread and this is what I found: It was a similar situation to mine, but more complicated since this person was already on a visitor record as well.

Any help and insight into this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.