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Spousal PR Sponsorship OHIP Eligibility

Hi sujavel,

Please note that I am not a member of OCASI, and my opinions are based on my personal research. It is important that you conduct your own research before making any decisions. In response to your question, currently, you are not covered under OHIP. However, if a decision is made on your sponsorship application, you may become eligible for OHIP. If you are covered under your husband's health insurance from his workplace, you may receive some coverage, so it would be wise to check with the insurance company. There are some insurance companies that cover delivery costs up to $10,000, but they typically require a condition that you should not be pregnant for two months after obtaining the insurance. If you have a valid work permit in Canada, you can be added as a dependant to your husband's OHIP or secure a job that requires a minimum of six months of work, you may be eligible for OHIP. If you are in Canada on a visitor status, you could attempt to obtain a work permit through LMIA and apply for OHIP. If none of these options work, the cost of delivery in Canada without any coverage can range from $2,500 to $35,000. Alternatively, you could consider returning to your home country to deliver the baby and adding your child to your PR application before returning to Canada with the baby.
I am also exploring more, if I find any information on this, I will update here.