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Applying for a SIN Number after a long absence

Hello there,

My husband myself received our PR cards in 2019 and completed our soft landing in June 2019. The plan was to sell our property, tie up our loose ends and emigrate in Spring 2020. When Covid hit my husband decided he could no longer go through with the move. I was disappointed but tried to accept it. I still want to emigrate to Canada however and have decided to try to get back in and move there alone. Unfortunately I only have 17 months left on my PR card and know that I cannot fulfill the minimum stay of 2 years out of 5. So my intention is to try to get back into Canada with my UK passport via the US border, as I can pass through a land border this way without a visa apparently. I hope to stay and work (I'm self employed) and not leave Canada then for 2 years so that I can then apply to renew my PR card. Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight 4 years ago to apply for my SIN number. I'm now worried that when I do get back into Canada and apply for my SIN they will see that I became a PR 4 years ago and have left it a very long time to apply for the number. I'm worried that they will then check out exactly how long I have been present and alert immigration and I'll be ordered to leave.
Should I just come to terms with the fact I'm never going to be able to settle there now as I've left it too long or do you think I still have a chance to stay there and retain my PR status and get my SIN number without them checking how long I've spent in the country?
Sorry for the long post, but this issue just keeps going around and around in my head and I don't know who else to ask. Many thanks in advance.