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Air quality test

Can tenant demand air quality test for the whole house? There was mold issue on the basement which I had treated before they moved in.after 7months tenant tells me the mold is back.. she is getting sick and wants to make sure whole house is mold free. I had the basement checked with same company who treated it and mold is back due to dehumidifier was not placed when he suggested it to us. Tenant told me before they will provide verbally which they are now denying. They also blamed me for not having the basement window fixed..i didnt because the window expert guy told me there is no leak.. it will cost me 12k to treat the whole house to pass air quality.. but it was not my fault that it was back.. it was also tenants fault. Can i do thia and ask tenant to provide me air quality test as well when they move out so I know my money doesnt go to waste