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Address at the time of landing for PR Card

Me and my family have received their landing papers and are scheduled to be in Toronto by the last week of january 2010.

As we do not have any relatives out there we have planned to use the services of a Settlement Agency based in North York.

We have been given to understand that an address is needed to be given at the port of entry, I requested the Settlement Services to avail us the address for use at the airport but they requested us that we should not use the address as the same would be used for mailing of the PR card and other important documents, as we would have moved from the temporary settlement place to a permanent rented apartment as the process takes about 5-6 weeks.

Is it possible that we give the temporary address at the time of landing and then have it altered soonest we find a rented apartment for us.

Could anyone clarify this point as we are very confused on the issue. Thanking you in advance