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So, its a crazy time just now with COVID-19. I understand everything will be on hold or going slower than normal. With that being said i really need help and advice on my situation just now.

I am from Scotland and arrived on a 2 year work Visa on March 12th 2018. I met my now wife through her cousins i went to school with while she was working in Europe, shes from Canada. After a year of being together she was coming back to Canada and i decided to apply for a work visa and come live with her here in Canada. Sept 24th 2019 we sent in our PR Spousal Application, knowing i had only 6 months left on my current Visa at the time. In December we received an extension from March 11th 2020 to May 18th 2020. Jan 6th 2020 we received an email to get my Medical done, i completed this on Jan 10th 2020. I checked my application status on Jan 17th 2020 and saw that my medical results have been received. Its not been 13 weeks since i completed this Medical and i am now only 6 weeks away from the extension expiring.

So my questions are:
1. Do i have to leave the country and stop working on May 18th if i still have not heard back? (depending on the COVID-19 of course)
2. Is it normal to wait that long after a medical? I was advised you should hear within 6-8 weeks.
3. Does anyone know if the government is still processing applications?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Braveheart :)