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PR Renewal - Accompanying a Cdn. Citizen


My PR card will be expiring in July 2014. My wife & kids are Canadian citizens since 2011.

I want to apply for my 2nd renewal in March 2014 but it will be around 90 days short of 2 years, the basic requirement of physical stay in Canada.

My wife was accompanied me during January 2012 till Jan 2013, almost a year while I was in Doha-Qatar.

I know that I may count remaining 90 days while we were together to make it 730 days requirement.

My question is that what kind of papers & documents they may asked to establish that we were together for that 90 days.

I am thinking may be they ask, passport stamps, visa of that country, Credit cards detail used during that period, Canada Notice of assessment, etc etc. Any one on this forum went similar case or aware of this case, please share their experience.

Also, what happened if I left Canada before PR card get expired with my Canadian family & it will expire during my outside stay.

How I could apply for a PR renewal while I am away from Canada.

Appreciate your help & assistance,
Entry without PR card

Hi Folks,
My PR card is under renewal process under normal processing basis. It is still around 100 days till I get my PR card. Now I have to travel outside Canada due to some business assignment on urgent basis. My intention is to enter from US in a private vehicle because I have found on CIC website that you don't need valid PR if you are coming back by private vehicle. Below is the information I got on website
" If you return in a private vehicle, like your own car

If you return to Canada in a private vehicle, such as your own car, you do not need a permanent resident card. You can use your Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688) instead.

You would have been given these documents:
•If you applied from overseas: at the same time as your visa
•If you applied from within Canada: when you landed at your local visa office

An officer will ask you questions to make sure you meet all of the residency requirements before they allow you to come back to Canada."

I would like to ask what kind of question the officer may ask & also request you all if somebody had same experience as mine, please share.
Thanks in advance,