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Can we Travel with our Landing Paper? No PR card

My family and I have finally became a permanent resident of Canada in 13 years. Because it took over 10 years to get it, it is very precious to us as for any immigrated family. At this moment we only have our landing paper and still waiting for our actual PR Card to arrive.
The problem is that my mother’s brother’s wife have passed away and he has four kids to take care for himself. My mother, being the older sister wanted to go and help him for a month until they find another family member to stay with them. Now we were told several stories from different people.
Some say that it is okay to travel with Just our landing papers because we are from a country that holds a “visa-free entry.” I wanted to ask if this is true. Our flight, if we get to go will be going to United States and people say it does not matter for us because the American Airport wouldnt mind our PR landing paper.
Please I need some answers to this question we are facing. Thank you.