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Problem with My WES Evaluation Report


There are 3 mistakes I see in my evaluation report. I have sent WES Canada my bachelors & Postgraduate diploma to evaluate , in the month of November 2017 and received my report December 2017.

Mistake number one: I have done my bachelors of commerce with major being commerce but in my report WES changed the major/ Specialization to Business Administration

Mistake number Two: I have done Postgraduate Diploma with major being Finance & Marketing and it was changed to Business Management.

Mistake number three: The Status of my Postgraduate Diploma says that it is a Non-recognized Program, and the Canadian Equivalency is Two years of post-secondary study at a non-recognized institution.

My Institution is AICTE recognized , WES considers Postgraduate Diploma from an institution with AICTE approval as recognized Program,the reason I am sure about this because my friend with Postgraduate Diploma with AICTE recognition ,who got his credential evaluated from WES, has been considered as recognized Program & given Bachelor's degree (four years) Canadian Equivalent.

My institution is one of the best business schools in India whereas my friend`s is limited.

I have emailed them already but no reply yet. So, what else can I do to make them fix this asap.

Thank you.