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Dormant Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Options?

I have been to Service Canada 3 times now and they have either sent my application to reactivate my SIN to the wrong office, or like this last time, didn't bother to mail/fax my documents and application (the agent on the phone could tell me that I was at the Ottawa office, but the documents were never received). VERY FRUSTRATING!
Thank God I am able to work due to a great customer service representative advising me that as long as my new employer called, Service Canada would give them my SIN number...
Since the agents here in Ottawa and the surrounding areas do not seem to know how or care about helping me get my SIN reactivated from dormancy, is there an alternative? This would mean that I would have to send ORIGINAL documents and I am very hesitant to do this considering the individuals I have dealt with in person have no idea what happened to the copies they already made.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.