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still need to wait for 3 months to regain my OHIP?

hi, settlement. org team.
I,holding a canadian passport, had worked abroad for last 7 years and came back to my home in north york on March 28th, 2020. I permanently moved in with my spouse because the country i lived in before was in very dangerous and unstable condition due to covid-19.

my question is following:
since i had been stayed outside of ontario(south korea) more than 7 months during last 12 months, should i need to wait for 3 months to regain my health card? or may i visit service ontario to renew it without any waiting?
I have read an article saying canadian government is waiving 3 month-waiting period due to the extreme situation. I would like to make sure if the article means that I can visit service ontario by tomorrow, renew my health card and my coverage starts on that day.

Thank you for reading and hope to get your response soon.