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Appeal to WES for Re-Evaluation of Credentials

Dear Sir / Madam,

I submitted application for evaluation of my distance learning MBA degree from Jaipur National University Rajasthan. I received evaluation report from WES roughly after 6 months of waiting due to confusing correspondence between WES and University for re-verification requirement.

The evaluation report that I received has mentioned that my university is non-recognized institution. After enquiry from university, I was confirmed by university that Jaipur National University Rajasthan and its Distance Learning sections are fully recognized by UGC India and other governing bodies. Most Importantly, many graduates have already received positive evaluation from WES on similar degrees of other graduates. Therefore, I wrote this matter to WES through their customer care help on website. Last week WES has just reinstated their position in a simple reply without checking the details.

I would like you to intervene and enquire from WES for this matter. Hereunder, I am writing my WES Reference# along with two other WES# references of other graduates, which I got from University itself, without any prejudices, as evidences that their degrees are recognized by WES before. Today morning I have re-wrote request, provided this same information to WES too and hope that they will open and check the documents in detail this time.

My WES Ref# ******** - MBA Operations Management from Distance Learning - Jaipur National University Rajasthan
Evidence-1# WES Ref# *********** - BBA from Distance Learning - Jaipur National University Rajasthan
Evidence-2# WES Ref# ********** - MBA Human Resource Management - Distance Learning - Jaipur National University Rajasthan
I have seen in other topics that has provided empathic feedback and taken actions so I am hoping to get similar cooperation.

Thanks & Regards,
S. Sobhani