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How can I get a vaccine in Ontario?

Dear readers,
Since June 2020 I am staying in Canada with my Canadian wife in Ontario. I am from The Netherlands and waiting for approval of my permanent residency. On the moment I am staying in Canada on a extended tourist visa. I don't have OHIP coverage but I have good insurance from The Netherlands. Because I have some big health issues I am in the highest risk group when it comes to covid-19. In The Netherlands I would be able to get a vaccine at the end of February. Because travelling is a risk during covid I won't be able to go back to The Netherlands anytime soon. How can I get a vaccine in Ontario when the same target group (people with underlying health conditions under 60) in Ontario will be vaccinated? I can't get a family GP and so far no organisation can help me answering what I should do. I hope someone can help me with this.