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What can I do to end a tenancy contract?

Hi I am a landlord in ontario who is currently in a fixed term lease with my tenants Bob and Alice. Initially only Bob applied to be the tenant and Alice was his girlfriend. Bob had a stable white colar job and a good credit report. While Alice does not have as good of a job. But just before signing the lease they asked if they could add Alice on the lease as well and I've accepted.

The 1-year term lease is about to expire in 60 days and it will become a month-to-month after that. Now I've just learned that Bob and Alice have broken up. Bob is not living there anymore and it was Alice who was paying for the rent for the past few months. I have not received any N9 form from Bob.

I have a feeling that Alice's income won't be enough for her to pay the rent in the long term. I want her to leave the premises but I have not told her yet.

Alice still wants to stay on the premises and wants to continue to rent month-to-month. She wants a lower rent and she wants to sign a new lease with only her name on the contract.

Do I have the right to tell her to find a new place ? If she needs some extra time to find a new place, I am ready to be flexible to give her some extra time. Bt eventually, I want her to leave.