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PR for Child Born outside Canada to PRs

Hello Team,

I and my wife got our PR on 2019. We'd to leave back in December 2019 due to financial settlements was ongoing in India. After that We planned and booked our tickets to travel in March 18th -2020. But it was so unfortunate that we could not travel on March 2020 because of Covid-19. In the same time my wife was pregnant and completed 3months. But that was not a reason for us to stay back. We checked with our Doctor and my wife had got a green signal to travel. However, the point is my delivered on Sept 2020. And, i applied my daughter passport after 3 months of birth date. At this point i was going through consultants , forums and many other youtube consultants and i am slightly unsure of which options to choose.
We planned to travel by March 2021, but now "Visa" for my daughter is blocker.

- Apply Visit Visa and then we process our daughter document from Canada

Please suggest us an option now. At this point we both are in india with our daughter and now we are planning to travel back.