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PR Card Renewal - Current Name Field - Question

Hello Moderators & Everyone,

Thank you so very much in advance for taking the time to read this. I would wholeheartedly appreciate any help on the below.

I am in the process of renewing my PR Card the first time and I am eligible on all counts including residency fulfillment days. The current card is the one I got after landing in 2016. The below is my question.

On the application form first page field number 5 under sub-heading "Personal Details" it asks for your current name if different from above. My passport was taken before my marriage in 2015 and the PR card issued in 2016 also has my maiden names as on the passport.

Since arriving in Canada, I have assumed my husband's surname and that is what I have used for SIN, Driver's License, Health Card, Banking etc. That is what I will write in field number 5 but I am concerned that, if I do that the IRCC will change the PR card to my assumed name WHICH I DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN because it will contradict with my name on the passport.

Why I want to enter my current name is that if IRCC wants to cross verify my tax filings, the SIN is under the married/assumed surname. Also, I just want to be plain straightforward in the form but again, I am concerned if this would automatically lead to IRCC changing my surname on the new card which will then create more problems for me.

Any help or clarification will be immensely appreciated.

Ansa George