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Problem with My WES Evaluation Report

My original diploma is taken hostage at WES.
They haven't returned it, they've just sent me their evaluation report after 3 months of waiting and that's all and marked my status fully completed.
And now I am stuck: I can't apply for new job outside my current position, nor in Canada nor in anywhere else. I don't have my diploma!
It is my diploma with honour in computer science and mathematics which was with me since 2007 and now their irresponsible staff just decided that I don't need it.
Their service is horrible, you can't get them at all, they do not answer by phone, they do not answer by "contact us", they do not answer in facebook.
BEWARE of this company! Search other complaints in web, there are tons of it, I wish I read them before sending anything to them, was just hoping that it is respectful company of developed country. Ha-ha.