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PR card renewal - Qs re: photos, travelling


I have a few questions about my renewal. I did once do this, but have poor recollection from then and there have been slight changes from what I could tell. Hope someone could share some information on the questions both about the use of my current PR card and renewal app.

1. The photographer stamped both photos. It says one to bear the stamp and my name and DOB. Is this a problem?
2. Is it better to have both photos have my name and DOB? Or is it better to have a blank one? (sorry for seemingly a silly question)
3. My passport is expired and being renewed. I have the passport I landed as PR with, and the stamp from the entry. Some forums/legal folks seem to suggest that I should include other forms of ID and COPR copy. Does anyone have experience with this? I have DL and OHIP card as well. **I will be including all the pages of the passport including blank ones just in case. (I have only been away roughly 50 days over 5 yrs, and do meet all requirements for PR)
4. My current PR card is set to expire early March 2022 and we were thinking to visit family in Feb 2022. If the application for renewal is in, it sounds like it might be a problem to travel. Is this the case? Is it best to avoid travel even if your PR card is valid if an application is submitted/pending to IRCC? I would absolutely like to avoid any issues.

I don't know if this matters but my spouse and my child are both Canadian (my child is dual) and we will be travelling together.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.