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Month behind in rent and landlord won’t reply

A friend of mine is struggling to resolve her landlord issue, I hope someone here can give some advice and feedback for going forward. She’s emailed her concerns in hopes of coming to a solution but in spite of emails to them they’ve neglected to reply. She’d like to clearly know her rights and any relevant info in this regard so I can be sure to act accordingly. I believe she is allowed to discuss her situation with the landlord and come to a solution but no one is getting back. In numerous emails shes explained hardships, been apologetic of falling short of her obligations as a tenant and proposed arrangements so she still able to pay for expenses such as food, bills and her child’s special needs expenses and assured this to not happen again in the future being well aware of the obligations and responsibilities as a tenant. Still no one has replied to discuss. What are the options here? We appreciate any feedback with kindness and judgement free thanks