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Live-In PSW & Tenant Rights

Hello, I am a disabled person receiving ODSP in Ontario at the residence I rent and work at for eight years, the landlady (80 years old) and I agreed to payment for odd jobs daily for that whole time, recently she had an operation on her arm and needed help doing daily activities like cooking and many many more requirements so we upgraded our agreements with food included, we get along very well

but just last month she wound up in the hospital and her daughter who is acting power of attorney has been coming to the house physically assaulting me during a 911 call causing injury the police left her drive away then she keeps coming back like nothing happened and was going after a guest of myself and my landlady so again 911 this time they sent the guns and gangs unit because this daughter has just come from court for uttering threats I heard 'with a gun' and possibly other matters from before I ever moved here and they told her she cannot continue to come here and enter whenever she wants ?
My question is where do I turn to find out my legal rights to renting here, I heard a *live in* employee has additional time to prepare to move, six months I believe should these matters not be resolved and the daughter is allowed to continue to harass and assault me ?